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DPA Annual Luncheon - May 5, 2015

DPA Annual Luncheon - May 5, 2015

Thank you to those who attended and presented at this year's annual luncheon.


Rachel Bulmer from the Michael J. Fox Foundation speaks about the role of MJFF and the state on research efforts.Seated left, also with MJFF is Sarah Chatham.

Wendy Lewis, Director of the Parkinson's Council in Bryn Mawr, PA tells us about the Council. 

Group shot: Seated L->R:  Tara Trout (Nanticoke Hosp. Seaford DE Group), Mary Leidner (Worcester Co. MD Group), Betsy Leebel (Sussex Group, Lewis DE), Bailey Vernon (Johns Hopkins Health Educator & Easton MD Groups), Sandy Gardels (Host Modern Maturity Center Caregivers and Dover DE Group).Standing L->R:  Art Cooley (Lower Shore Salisbury MD Group),Pete Liberto (Dover DE Group), Ingrid Pretzer-Aboff (DPA Co-founder, Univ. of DE Nursing and Research Programs), Wendy Lewis (Parkinson's Council, Bryn Mawr PA), Janet Harper-Wooley (Host MMC, Dover DE), Rona Rosenbaum (Chairwoman of MAPS, Maryland Association of Parkinson's Support Groups, Baltimore MD), Marge Fleming-Smith (PD Caregivers Educ. Group; PAN, Newark DE), Renee Fredericksen (Caregivers Resource Center, MAC, Inc. Salisbury MD), Dennis Leebel (Parkinson's Education & Support Group of Sussex Co. DE), Doug Hoprich (Lower Shore Group, Salisbury MD).  Hiding:  (behind Marge) Gary Chard (Wilmington and New Castel DE Groups; PAN - hiding because he is leaving to retire  in Florida! Good luck Gary and thanks for efforts).